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By Joe Visser on 09 April 2015

Interesting Adventures are a daily occurrence on the motorcycle tours, from dodging storms to getting soaked to the bone. On a recent tour we decided to take a 100 Km gravel road through the Karoo... 

By Joe Visser on 20 January 2015
Naturally every tour operator of whatever type wants to punt their tours as offering 'a lot'...  I have however come to the decided conclusion that South Africa offers quite possibly more than most potential vacation locations.  Over the past 7 years my tours have developed into something, I believe, quite unique!  Where else can you ride a bike on fantastic roads through such a diversity of scenery?  It leaves the rider wondering if, at times, he (or she) has left the country or indeed been beamed over to a different continent altogether!  One day on the Mediterranean Cape coastline riding through vineyards and apple orchards; a day or two later descending down to the warm tropical wild coast 'jungle'... pretty diverse...  Then of course there is the wildlife... Big5 should be Big6 or more!  The famed 'Big5' (Lion, Leopard, Elephant, Rhino, Buffalo) are supplemented with even bigger creatures.  Great White Sharks abound in the Cape waters, with Gansbaai hosting the highest concentration of "White' Sharks...
By Joe Visser on 17 April 2014
South Africa's winter is absolutely superb for motorcycle touring... it gets a bit chilly overnight on the Highveld (Highlands) with mid winter overnight temps dropping close to Zero Celsius but day temps are fantastic and often well above 12c.  The 'winter' lats about two months (June and July) with August bringing lovely balmy Spring weather.  The area around the Kruger National Park is absolutely fabulous with temps hardly ever venturing below 10c overnight, midday temps often well above 20c.  Even better is that most of South Africa is in its dry season during winter with loads of Sunshine.  Mild temps and no rain make for... amazing riding...     
By Joe Visser on 02 April 2014

The Inaugural 'Cape Conquest' tour in Feb was a resounding success

By Joe Visser on 20 November 2013
Spectacular New Tour: Cape Conquest - 7 days / 7 nights